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NYC - Manhattan - Tweed Courthouse
From City Hall Park
Tweed Courthouse
From City Hall Park
From City Hall Park
Tweed Courthouse
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Manhattan Municipal Building
New and Old NYC - Tweed/1WTC
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About 10007 Zip Code

If Zip 10007 had to be synonymous with a name, it would have to be Tribeca (or TriBeCa). The term Tribeca arises from the amalgamation of the words ‘Triangle below Canal Street’. With a total land area of about 0.193 square miles, this Zip is full of landmarks and places that are worth a visit. With a dense population of about 3522, the crowd here seems balanced in its married and singles ratio.

On the Map: 41 degrees latitude and -74 degrees longitude in the Northeast region.

Breaking it Down: If you were to map this Zip point by point across New York City; you would have Worth Street and Chambers Street in the North; Park Row and Avenue of the Finest in the East; North End Avenue in the West, and Vesey Street to the South.

Zipping Alongside: 10279, 10278, 10048, 10038, 10013 and 10271.

City Hall Park:
Right at the intersection of Broadway, Park Row and Chambers Street is the peaceful City Hall Park. The Park is surrounded by a number of majestic government buildings that arch over it. These century old structures have been around since the 1800s. The location of the Park is apt, in that it provides for a perfect getaway amidst the bustling neighborhood.

The Park is worth a visit during the lunch time. People from the neighborhood throng here to relax, eat, walk on the grass; or some might even lounge around to soak in some sunshine. The potpourri of people assembling here is worth a watch – government workers, jury members, and newlyweds (the ones who come to City Hall to get their marriage licenses). You can witness a crosscut of the New York life as all these groups of people stroll across the grounds of the City Hall Park.

Tweed Courthouse:
Close to the City Hall Park is the Tweed Courthouse, which was earlier known as the Old New York County Courthouse. The structure is built in the Italianate Style, using Romanesque Revival interiors. It is said that the essential monetary support to build this civic monument came from the rather deep pockets of the corrupt William M. Tweed (known as ‘Boss’). Today, this structure houses the New York City Department of Education.

In the Limelight:
The other noteworthy buildings in the Zip would be Broadway Chambers Building and the Langdon Building.

Broadway Chambers is an office building which was built in 1900. The building is a creation of the famous architect Gilbert, who was also responsible for the famous Woolworth Building. Broadway Chambers, however, was his first project in NYC.

The Langdon Building makes it to the list for its sheer exuberance. It is one of the skyscrapers of the region that is bound to grab a few eye balls.

New York State Department of Health:
The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) is the name of a governmental body that is responsible for the overall health management of the state of New York. The NYSDOH is located in Zip 10007; and is the place to go if you require copies of your marriage licenses that have been issued anywhere within the state of New York (expect for those issued within the five boroughs of NYC). They also have some other vital records (birth, death, divorce) that you can find here; and some of these date back to 1930.

Dine and Wine:
Here are a couple of our recommendations when it comes to dining options in the Zip:

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